Vatican Composers Competition


I am happy to announce that I have just submitted a work for consideration to the Francesco Siciliani Prize - Fourth Edition. This is a composers competition put on through the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Culture every two years. This year they called for a setting of the Gloria in Latin for choir unaccompanied or with organ. I completed this new piece, which will be the second movement of my Missa Somnii Divini (The Mass of the Divine Dream) a few days ago. It is with organ and its duration is about 14 minutes. I look forward to sharing it with you all someday, should the opportunity arise to perform and record it.

unSUNg 'on hold' until summer 2019


The summer concert series unSUNg of which I have been fortunate enough to take part in 3 of its first 5 years will be on hold this summer as the organizers re-imagine the series, select a new venue, and resume the concerts in 2019. The reason for all this, according to the founders is that the event is growing, and to use their words, 'this is a good thing.' If you have not had the pleasure of attending these concerts which champion 'Songs Uncommon and New" the "S.U.N." of the title unSUNg, you should consider supporting all the wonderful local composers and talented performers who gather yearly for this very special event. For more info, please visit: unSUNg







This June, alongside a dear friend, Brian Humphrey, a seminarian for Los Angeles Archdiocese, and soon to be ordained Transitional Deacon, I hope to record The Mass of the Uncreated Light. This is a liturgical mass inspired by the chants of the Christian East and West. The mass is for optional two-part equal voices, with or without organ accompaniment. The mass is really, two masses in one, as it is composed in both English and Latin. Brian who was a professional recording engineer in his former life, recording so many fantastic artists ranging from the symphony orchestras to Van Halen, has a keen ear and patient and encouraging disposition with those he serves in this capacity, which he continues to do, out of the goodness of his heart, in order to give back to the world. Once the Mass is recorded, the engraved Score will be made available for purchase as well as the music, all through digital download, here. 


"The Perichoresis Waltz"

St. John of Damascus, an eighth century Father, described "Perichoresis" this way:  

The subsistences [persons of the Holy Trinity] dwell and are established firmly [perichoresis] in one another. For they are inseparable and cannot part from one another, but keep to their separate courses within one another, without coalescing or mingling, but cleaving to each other. For the Son is in the Father and the Spirit: and the Spirit in the Father and the Son: and the Father in the Son and the Spirit, but there is no coalescence or commingling or confusion. And there is one and the same motion: for there is one impulse and one motion of the three subsistences, which is not to be observed in any created nature. 

This  melody I had composed about 20 years ago. It lay dormant until I recently found the sketches and thought to orchestrate it simply as a compositional/orchestration exercise. Originally intended as a tune to express romantic love, as I worked on it today as a monk, the  thought of the 'dance of love' that is perichoresis came to my mind, and so I chose to entitle the piece: "The Perichoresis Waltz," in thanksgiving to the One God in Three Persons --  the love of my life. 

I hope you will enjoy it.

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The Trinity by Erik de Fresno

The Trinity by Erik de Fresno


Hopefully, more to come in the near future. Thank you for listening. Feel free to share this video and this website in your social media.

"O Sacrum Convivium" for Mixed Choir, A Cappella

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Fr Angelus