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Hello everyone!


Just a brief note to let you know of some new music.

First, the 'site-wide player' is now featuring "O Mother Mary Magnified." This art song was commissioned by John West of the Valyermo Dancers and is based on a poem by Fr Philip Edwards, OSB. I first performed and recorded the piano part and then added my singing to it prior to mixing and mastering it. Second, on the MUSIC page, is some new, incidental music: "The Perichoresis Waltz," an old melody I had forgotten about, now orchestrated for full orchestra. 

I have uploaded the virtual instruments performance of it for your enjoyment. To listen just go the MUSIC page, scroll down and play.


"O Mother Mary Magnified" [2017] 
for piano and voice 

Text: Fr Philip Edwards, OSB 
Piano and voice by Angelus Echeverry 

O Mother — Mary — Magnified 
Womb’d Word in flesh now glorified, 
Bless — beck’ning still within your bride 
Stone: quickened, clustered at her side 

(O Mother — Mary — Magnified) 

Within the paschal-sealed tide 
Of grace, arch-opened wide 
About what welcoming wisdom cried 
In pillared banquet signified 

(O Mother — Mary — Magnified) 

Addition to a gathering sum 
Of leaping lepers, bedazzled dumb 
Dancers, singing, find you home 
Augment the alleluia’d hum 
Jubilating all to whom 
The Spirit and the bride say, 

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